aka Mr Chamber for the little Crowd

Whether you are three people or just someone who likes to sleep between empty beds, this is the right room for you.

Three beds for a power trio.

Three beds for the Three Musketeers.

Three beds for the Charlie's Angels.

Three beds for the Bee Gees.

Three beds for the Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

Three beds for the Three Tenors.


In our rooms you won't find a TV. We want you to live the Casa Gracia experience, join our activities and enjoy our common areas. You may meet your new BFF or find your American double. At Casa, everything is possible!



Free WiFi to tell your parents you're alive.

Air Conditioning - Heating

Wardrobe / Closet to hide your clothes and belongings


Hairdryer (only use in head hair)

Free (to steal) toiletries

Towels that dry