aka Mr Chamber for Me, Myself & I

There’s no one better to share a room with than yourself. A relaxing and intimate space for lonely boys and girls.

Intimate even if you are sharing on Instagram what you are doing every minute.

You won't need to argue about who has the softest pillow, the hottest blanket or the closest plug.

And don’t worry if you feel lonesome tonight, just call the receptionist for a late night tale!

In our rooms you won't find a TV. We want you to live the Casa Gracia experience, join our activities and enjoy our common areas. You may meet your new BFF or find your American double. At Casa, everything is possible!



Free WiFi to tell your parents you're alive.

Air Conditioning - Heating

Wardrobe / Closet to hide your clothes and belongings


Hairdryer (only use in head hair)

Free (to steal) toiletries

Towels that dry