Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel


Casa Gracia reserves the right to determine the stay of its guests and clients, who

must respect the norms expressed by these regulations, as well as the general

obligations established by the touristic legislation, for all touristic users.

The touristic legislation establishes the following:

1. Touristic accommodation establishments are considered a public place.

2. The access and permanence within touristic accommodation establishments

are free for all users who have contracted their services and cannot be

restricted based on race, gender, religion, opinion or any other personal or

social condition or circumstance.

3. Holders of touristic businesses can request the help of authority agents for

the eviction from the touristic accommodation of persons who fail to comply

with the general rules of social coexistence or persons who intent to enter

the establishment for different purposes other than the peaceful enjoyment

of the service provided or the activity that is being developed at the time.

The touristic legislation also establishes some responsibilities for touristic

users, which are:

• Fulfill the conditions agreed upon in the terms of the contract with

the holders of the touristic establishment;

• Pay the price for tourist services in the place, the manner and for the

time agreed;

• Respect the rules and regulations of internal order, provided that

they do not conflict with the term established by the present Law

and the regulations it develops, as well as the general rules of

coexistence and hygiene;

• Respect the establishment, the facilities, goods and services that the

tourist companies put at the guests disposal.

• Respect environmental, cultural or other type of values of touristic

resources the guests use or visit.

Casa Gracia rules

• Check-in can be done at any time, subject to registration and

identification, having availability of accommodation and respecting the silent

hours, between 23:00 h and 07:00 h.

• The client or guest has an unavoidable obligation to personally register by

filling out the card or record sheet, as well as the acceptance document of

the present regulations within the facilities of Casa Gracia.

• In case of a previously contracted group, its representative shall complete

the registration cards or deliver lists that meet their requirements and the

acceptance document of these present regulations.

• The client or guest, in accordance to the touristic accommodation

establishment, shall specify on the registration card the number of days that

they will be hosted by the establishment. It is considered as a unit of time in

the accommodation contract, the time of a day that expires at 10:00 h each

day (check out).

• It is the guest´s obligation to complete the payment when required by the

touristic company.

• Payment may be required in advance, and the guest must make proof of

the payment, through the signing of a voucher of any credit card accepted

by the touristic company.

• The passenger that the day of your departure leaves the room after the

10:00 h, is bound to pay the price of the hosting according to the following


- In the event that the customer leaves the room between

10:01 h and 14:00 h, they must pay additionally ½ day of


- In the event that the customer leaves the room after the

14:00 h, they must pay an additional full day of stay.

• The foregoing shall be without prejudice to the company, exempting the

host of this obligation, provided that the guest was granted the so called

“Late Check-out”, in which case the customer may deliver the room at a

different time free of charge.

• Guest´s failure to pay the host when required will cause the termination

of the hosting service and the manager or caretaker of the touristic

establishment can request the assistance of authority agents in order to

carry out the deliver of the room, and can retain the luggage as warranty

until payment is confirmed.

• The help of the authority agents may also be sought in order to evict those

who fail to comply with the usual rules of social coexistence or who intend

to enter the establishment for different purposes other than the peaceful

enjoyment of the service provided or the activity that is being developed at

the time.

• The check-in for guests with reservation will start at 14.00 h.

• In case the guests bring items of high value, they must necessarily notify

the touristic accommodation personnel at reception. (These should be stored

in the safety deposit box at reception).

• Casa Gracia cannot be held responsible for the loss or disappearance of

valuables that have not been deposited in the safety deposit box, or for

accidents that may occur within its compound, each person is therefore

responsible for the damages they cause to themselves or others; the

management or owner of the touristic accommodation do not have any

obligations in these matters.


Casa Gracia strictly forbids the:

• Carrying of weapons of any kind (firearms, blanks, compressed air, bows,

slingshots, etc.)

• Bringing in of animals, except guide dogs or assistance animals, in the

case of people with decreased eyesight, total or partial.

• Littering in places that are not designated for this purpose.

• Using the electricity or mechanical equipment installed in the room for

other purposes other than those they are intended for.

• Damaging the furnishings, decoration or goods belonging to Casa Gracia,

as well as using them in a way that is improper with the intended service.

• Withdrawing from the rooms, any furniture or decoration piece, taking

them to outside of the rooms (chairs, pillows, blankets, towels, among


• Doing excessive noise, causing altercations, playing loud music or in

general any act that disrupts or provokes inconveniences to other guests.

• Entering or walking wearing a bathing suit or other piece of clothing not

suitable for the touristic accommodation.

Extreme attention is required concerning the rules of hygiene, education,

and mutual respect. The company reserves the right to terminate

the service of accommodation, when the guest violates the rules and

regulations; the guest is not entitled to a reduction in their charged amount

for the hosting or services received, and they are obliged, in addition, to

the payment or compensation for any damage or injury that they may have

caused (damage, breakage or loss of any piece of the complex), according

to the list that can be found at the reception desk and in the rooms. Guests

may not host in the rooms any person other than the registered ones and

in any case they must notice the reception of any variation in the number of

people that were originally recorded.

Guests should strictly adhere to the established times for the various


Check In

: Starting at 14:00 h

Check Out: before 10.00 h (except the Late Check Out agreements)


7:00 h to 23:00 h (Day shift) during high season

23:00 h to 7:00 h (Night shift) during high season

Breakfast: 08:00 h to 10:00 h

If you are acting in compliance with this regulations agreement, you will

enable Casa Gracia to offer a better quality service. Your suggestions and

comments will be welcome.

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